10+ Healthy Snack Ideas For Kids

10+ Healthy Snack Ideas For Kids

Finding a balance between delicious and nutritious for children can be a challenge. we can help you by providing a small tips about a company  Here are some of easy 10+ Healthy Snack Ideas For Kids. 

  1. Peanut butter on toast with banana
  2. Toasted sandwiches with cheese etc.
  3. Potato pancakes
  4. pizza - make some together
  5. Mini ravioli with cheese is a must-try recipe for the weeknight 
    Mini Spinach and Cheese Ravioli
  6. kids smoothie recipes with banana and fruit
  7. 3 egg pancakes
  8. Potato or rice croquettes with bits of vegetables in them
  9. Raisin toast
  10. Fried rice with vegetables (plus egg, ham, tofu or nuts for protein)
  11. Nuts and crackers 
    Egg stuffed Cream cracker recipe
  12. Savory mince on toast Recipe, Delicious and definitely a must try with your kids. For the ultimate comfort food, try this tasty savory mince recipe on warm buttered toast. 
    Savory mince on toast Recipe
  13. Puff pastry filled with leftovers and baked (shake like sausage rolls)


You can also make boiled mushrooms with water salt and lemon, it's a nice substitute to meat, which is a hassle to cook anyway. Yogurt with fruits is a healthy way of eating yogurt. Just chop the fruit you like and mix it in the yogurt. Salads are easy to make and don't typically require a lot of ingredients. I recommend the Greek salad, it is composed of tomatoes, onion, cucumber and feta cheese, with dressing used olive oil. Prefer salads that have dressing made of oil, lemon or vinegar, and not mayonnaise and other fatty dressings (like the Russian salad for example). A Round up of over 50 Healthy Snack Ideas for kids (and adults).

Creamy cucumber salad

As well as steamed vegetables are easy to make, but require very few ingredients. I recommend carrots, broccoli and cauliflower. Ask your parents to show you how it's done. That's all I can think for now, take care and watch out for the knifes, and don't forget to turn off the kitchen after you're done cooking. Thank you for watching..


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