9 Proven Ways to Enhance Your Public Speaking Skills

9 Proven Ways to Enhance Your Public Speaking Skills

  1. Chose To Be Confident: To captivate your audience, start by embracing confidence. You can simply decide to be confident today. You need no reason to feel confident inside; You can simply decide on it. Think about what a confident person would do in your situation and do it! Alternatively, you could engage a coach to help you speak with confidence in public. This resource suggests confident body language, managing nerves, and letting your self-assurance shine through.

  2. Speak From Your Chest Not Your Throat: Take a deep breath and try to bring your voice from the pits of your stomach. Avoid nasal speech. Test this by putting your hand on your throat and chest when you speak. If your chest is vibrating while you speak, you are in good shape to have your voice carry further and be heard.

  3. Face Your Fears: The only reason you are not saying what you want, not being utterly yourself, and the only reason you are holding back is because you are afraid something could turn bad. You could lose your status, your friends, or be embarrassed. Become okay with that, and you will be instantly more confident in public.

  4. Have An Open Posture: Hands on your sides, back straight, chest out, and head held level. "Motion creates Emotion." - Tony Robbins. Various psychological studies have been done on confident body language, specifically in CEOs. Take up space and stand, sit, and walk proudly.

  5. Fail On Purpose: Next time you are talking to a stranger, fail the conversation. Really screw up a conversation with a stranger to see if it really is as bad as you imagine. This will likely make you re-evaluate why you’ve been afraid.

  6. Practice More: Practice talking when you are on your own, in front of the mirror, talking to strangers, and go at every social situation with the intention to engage the conversation as much as possible. here are greatest public speakers of all time Show You How to Improve Your skills from them.

  7. Smile: Force yourself to do this. Everyone is more attentive when faced with someone who is smiling. Learn more about the power of a smile.

  8. Practice Active Listening: Don’t just speak but listen too. Know why that person is telling you this and really get interested and invested in them and their life. This will make you more charming and charismatic to everyone around by developing your communication skills 

  9. Have A Good Time: If you are having a good time while talking to someone, that emotion of joy will transfer to them. This will make them easier to talk to, you easier to get along with, and you will strengthen the relationship you have with them. Everyone wants to be happy, and if you can create an atmosphere of happiness, most people will gravitate towards you.

I know you already are doing this from point, but do some more still. This is the most important thing and the most uncomfortable thing for you. Go out there and talk to as many people as possible within a set amount of time each day. This is what is going to get you to become an amazing speaker and communicator.
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