10 secrets to Become Tough and Powerful

10 secrets to Become Tough and Powerful

  1. Pay attention to everyone and listen more than you talk.

  2. Set boundaries with others or you will be mistreated for being too nice.

  3. Never make anyone choose you. Instead, let people do whatever they want.

  4. Develop the ability to say "NO" to things that don't serve you.

  5. Never accept betrayal from anyone, forgive them, but never forget them.

  6. Take nothing personally, and try to be less emotional and more cold-hearted.

  7. Sometimes, you must undergo a difficult experience to discover your true self.

  8. Work on things people can't take away from you.

  9. Speak less, observe more. Not everything needs a reaction.

  10. Have a tough mentality, don't take anything personally, and seek no approval

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