How can I make my brain sharper?

Brain smoothing

Discover How can I make my brain sharper, smarter, and lightning fast? with these proven tips and tricks for cognitive enhancement.

  1. First thing in the morning just put on your shoes and go for a run or cycling for at least about 30-40mins.
  2. Play a chess, carrom with computer or with friends least two games a day.
  3. Read a Book. Read things that are new to you and informative. Stop watching stupid movies and useless publicity news channel and
  4. Spend lots of time with the youth, college friends or school friends. They have the innovative minds. 
    How can I make my brain sharper?
  5. Learn the art of calmness and get rid of anger. Makes you a smarter decision maker. In any tense situation think before you react.
  6. Learn a new language every year. Also speak in multiple languages through out the day.
  7. Start playing a new sport and try to be at least an intermediate player in it.
  8. Be curious be hungry, ask questions to yourself about everything that you are curious about and find answers to it. Eat only what is required for your body in limited quantity. If possible eat foods which contain essential amino acids for brain development. (Ex - sea food and nuts.)
  9. Humans need to get the ideal quantity of sleep. Do not use your phone just before sleep or when in bed. Finish all phone activities an hour before bed time. Have a 7-8 hour sleep.
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  11. Playing a musical instrument or singing could help keep the brain healthy. simple start singing songs and get better at singing. 
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