Can you Have a Baby at 44 Years old?

Can you Have a Baby at 44 Years old?

Question: I’m almost 44 years old (in Dec) my husband of 20 years has been asking me for us to have another baby. We have a 22 yr old, 21 yr old, 16 yr old & 14 yr old. Is it too old for me to have another child?

first of all if you have Child 1-4, would consider how involved was he as a father with kids 1–4. Did he change their diapers, did he bathe then, do their laundry. Did he cook for them and did he clean up after them? Or did his fathering begin and end with ejaculation? If he is in the second group consider how much energy will you need to effectively be “the parent”. Do you want to be fighting the teen years at 60?

Is he aware that there is an increasing risk of birth defects, some serious as a couple ages, not just the mother but sperm also with problematic DNA, What will happen if the child has sever physical or mental problems or both?

Why does he want another child, one which will essentially grow up as an only child. Some men decide they want a child so they have an internal illusion of youth, that they are still 27. Some see a child as their immortality as they see themselves getting older and their children becoming adults. Have a serious talk about what each of you want before you two decide.

Pregnancy Over 40, physically it may or may not be too old for you to become pregnant but make darned sure it is what you both want and for the right reasons. Because the child is what matters.


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