Differences Between Rich and Poor Mindset

20 Differences Between Rich and Poor Mindset

There are quite a number of fundamental differences between rich people’s mindsets and poor people's mindsets.

  1. Poor people believe in luck. Rich people create their own luck.
  2. Most poor people look for jobs. Most rich people look for business opportunities.
  3. Poor people are controlled by money. Most rich people control money.
  4. Poor people believe the government should help them. Rich people believe in hard work.
  5. Poor people trade their time for money. Rich people trade value for money.
  6. Poor people don't understand opportunity cost. Rich people leverage opportunity cost to get richer.
  7. Poor people believe in savings. Rich people believe in investment.
  8. Poor people don't believe in struggle. Rich believe struggle results in success.
  9. Poor people buy expensive stuff whenever they land upon money. Rich people invest their money.
  10. Poor people don't go any further after completing school/college. Rich people invest in themselves and self-education.
  11. Most poor people rely on jobs. Most rich people rely on business.
  12. Poor people don't take risks. Rich people take risks all the time.
  13. Poor people fear to lose. Rich people enjoy losing.
  14. Poor people fear failure. Rich people encourage failure.
  15. Poor people never try. Rich people try new things all the time.
  16. Poor people procrastinate for a long time, and many days before they take one action. Rich people try immediately, take action, fail, and try again.
  17. Poor people never fail because they never try. Rich people try and fail many times until they succeed.
  18. Poor people count loses. Rich people don't count loses.
  19. Poor people buy liabilities. Rich people buy assets.
  20. Poor people know nothing about money. Rich people educate themselves about money.

The only  difference is in the mindsets. the way you think create what you want become, so you have to think positively to get positive results. Poor people have a poverty mentality. Rich people have a rich mentality.

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