Heen Bovitia (Osbeckia octandra) Health benefits

Heen Bovitia (Osbeckia octandra) Health benefits

Herbal plants and their extracts are being used for varies therapy in traditional and alternative medicine. Key components for the formulation of many synthetic drugs were originally derived naturally from herbal plants. The plant octandra (Heen Bovitiya) belongs to family Melastomataceae and has a long history as a herbal plant used in traditional medicine to treat various liver diseases in Sri Lanka. Osbeckia species have been tested for its antioxidant, hepatoprotective, anti-inflammatory, hypoglycemic, anti-cancerous and antimicrobial proteprties . In Sri Lanka extracts of the mature. octandra leaves are being used to treat liver diseases in traditional medicals. It is reported that the. chinensis root extract has a hypoglycemic effect, while in Taiwan the decoction of aerial parts is used to treat dysentery.

About Plant:

This heenbovitia plant is about two or two and a half feet tall. Its petioles should be slightly rough. The leaves or foliage of the plant known as Mabovitia or Maha Bowitia can be seen in a dreamlike form on the leaves of Heen Bowitia, which are large and small in size.

Medicinal quality Heenbovitia leaves, especially those with medicinal healing properties. It is a medicine used by the local Ayurvedic people as the most effective and most effective medicine in the treatment of jaundice.

Health Benefits: 

  • May support cirrhosis treatment
  • Known for fighting cancer cells
  • Reduces ascites
  • Helps to control hyperlipidemia
  • May treat hemorrhoids
  • Good for CDK kidney disease and liver scarring (Do not use when you are taking western medicines).
  • Rich in antioxidants
  • Can be used to treat cirrhosis hepatitis
  • Effective for alcoholic liver disease
  • Aids jaundice treatment

It has the ability to heal disorders the problems in liver. Traditional healers say that the extracts of the leaves of the Heenbovitia plant impact the medicinal and health benefits of liver. 


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