fried egg sandwich

How many calories in a fried egg sandwich

The calorie count for fried eggs, butter, and toast can vary based on the specific quantities and brands used. Here's an approximate breakdown:

  • Fried Egg: One large fried egg contains around 70-90 calories, depending on the amount of oil or butter used for frying.
  • Butter: A teaspoon of butter has roughly 30-40 calories. The calorie count can differ based on the type of butter and its fat content.
  • Toast: A slice of bread typically ranges from 70 to 120 calories, depending on the type of bread (whole wheat, white, multigrain) and its size.

So, Let's understand How many calories in a 2 fried egg sandwich?, one teaspoon of butter, and two slices of toast could be estimated to contain:

  • Fried eggs (2): 140-180 calories
  • Butter (1 teaspoon): 30-40 calories
  • Toast (2 slices): 140-240 calories

The total calorie count for this meal would be approximately 310-460 calories. These numbers are approximate and can vary based on specific brands, cooking methods, and portion sizes. Do you know? dal khichdi recipe 

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