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How to dry leaves for crafts

Drying leaves for crafts, To dry and preserve fresh flowers or leaves for future use in crafts or decorating, there are a few simple methods. Whichever method you choose, ensure the materials are fully dry before using them in your crafts or decorating projects. 

Dried banana leaves 

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  1. Air Drying: Hang the flowers and leaves upside down in a warm, dark, and well-ventilated area. This method allows for natural drying and preservation.
  2. Silica Gel: Use silica gel, a desiccant that absorbs moisture, to dry flowers and leaves. Place them in a container with the gel and allow them to dry over several days.
  3. Pressing: Place flowers and leaves between absorbent paper, such as blotting paper or parchment, and press them between heavy books. This method is ideal for creating pressed flower art.
  4. Glycerin Preservation: Soak the flowers and leaves in a mixture of glycerin and water to preserve their natural texture and flexibility

Craft with dry leaves and flowers

craft with dry leaves and flowers

Dried flowers and Leaves can add a charming and rustic touch to your home decor. Here are some creative ways to incorporate dried flowers into your interior design. 

  • Art made from leaves: Arrange dried leaves in a row along the center of a table to create a natural, decorative table runner. 
  • Decorative Bottles: Fill glass bottles or jars with dried flowers or leaves for a whimsical and rustic look. Display them on windowsills, shelves, or as part of a vignette.
dry leaves craft ideas, Dead Leaves Ornaments
  • Dry Leaves for Photo Props: The natural dry leaves are suitable for photography studios, photo studios, home decorations
Dry Leaves for Photo Props, Natural Retro Dry Leaves for Photo Props Micro Landscape Dead Leaves Ornaments


Don't forget to select dry leaves that are sturdy and have retained their color. Avoid placing them in direct sunlight or areas with high humidity to ensure they last longer. Dried leaf and flowers can bring a touch of nature and elegance to your home decor, enhancing the overall ambiance and style of your living spaces. Thank you for reading ..

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