how to improve social skills for teenager

How to improve social skills for teenager

  1. You aren’t that important: No one cares about you enough to think about your awkwardness. Like you are a big deal in your mind, people are one in their minds. People would worry more about their headache than your death. Focus on them, not you.

  2. Giving compliments is an art: There is one rule of giving compliments i.e. you can’t force them. If you force a compliment, you will come across as a needy. Give compliments only when you genuinely like something. It’s always okay to not give a compliment rather than a forced one.

  3. Don’t be needy: Being needy is the ugliest trait. The more you beg for people’s time, attention and approval the less you will get it. If someone isn’t responding well, walk away. Be okay with saying no, silence, etc. In short, don’t live for other people.

  4. Talk about them, not you: Make sure you ask questions about them. As long as you ask seriously, they will answer seriously. People will forget about your awkwardness because they like to talk about themselves.

  5. Don’t be a coward: No answer can save you from going into difficult social situations. You have to get into the arena, make a fool of yourself to sharpen your social skills. Force yourself into social situations.

  6. Respect is mutual: There will always be some people who will disrespect or humiliate you. Remember if you aren’t receiving the mutual respect you deserve, it’s their fault. If someone's is disrespectful then, don’t try to make them respect you, simply walk away.

  7. People remember how they felt: People remember how you made them feel more than what you talked about. Whether you made them feel bored, special, respected, etc. The more you force your body language, tone of voice, the more uncomfortable they will feel. Make them feel comfortable by letting go.

  8. Forced Small-talk is okay: I understand the want to avoid meaningless small-talk. But it’s how human society works. Make an effort to talk to known people, when you meet them. They will be okay with a forced talk but not with getting ignored.

  9. Don’t be a fraud: The ones who pretend to be someone they are not get taken advantage of the most. If you don’t like to party or are into something nerdish, say so. Own-up to who you are. People won’t consider it odd unless you act like it is.

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