Why is the Rabbit Associated with Easter?

why is there a bunny rabbit for easter

The very name Easter relates to a pagan goddess. The Westminster Dictionary of the Bible states that “Easter was originally the spring festival (held at the spring equinox) in honor of the pagan goddess of fertility, light and spring known in Anglo-Saxon as Eostre. By the 8th century the name was transferred by the Anglo-Saxons, to the Christian festival designed to celebrate the resurrection of Christ.

Why is the Rabbit Associated with Easter?

The association between rabbits and Easter, because both symbolize fertility and rebirth. Springtime is the time of rebirth as nature see a to come alive from the cold of winter. Some of these traditions come from spring pagan traditions. Over time, the Easter Bunny has evolved into a beloved symbol of Easter, representing the joy and abundance associated with the arrival of spring. Its transformation into a cute, adorable creature can be attributed to a combination of traditional folklore, artistic depictions, and the influence of popular culture.

What do eggs and rabbits have to do with easter? 

According to the ancients and the superstitious alike, a hare, rabbit, or bunny represented three important features relative to human virtue:

  1. Birth
  2. Celibacy
  3. Resurrection

Even though we now know that the second one was almost certainly not true. it was once assumed that these creatures were hermaphrodites, meaning they would change genders in order to have offspring without the need for mating this made bunnies in general a very pure-minded creature in cultures all over the world.

Easter Rabbit Ears:

One of the most recognizable symbols of Easter day is the rabbit's ears. These long, floppy ears are often seen atop Easter baskets and decorations, symbolizing fertility and new life.

Bunny Rabbit Easter Eggs:

Another Easter tradition involving rabbits is hiding Easter eggs. According to history, rabbits would lay eggs and hide them for children to find. This tradition has evolved over time and Easter eggs are now associated with bunnies and the holiday.

 Foam Easter Eggs Happy Easter Decorations Painted Bird Pigeon Eggs

Easter Rabbit Figurines:

Easter rabbits decorative figurines are commonly found during the easter holiday season. These figurines often depict rabbits in various poses, from sitting with baskets of eggs to frolicking in fields of flowers.

Plush Easter Rabbits:

Bunny Plush Toy is also popular Easter gift, especially for children. These cuddly companions add an extra touch of joy to Easter celebrations and serve as a reminder of the holiday's playful spirit. 

 Enjoy endless moments of happiness and relaxation with your new cuddle companion, the bunny plush toy!

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