why married people cheat

why married people cheat

Well, cheating is always TERRIBLE ! The pain in such a case is not that of the spouse indulging in acts of sexual nature with somebody else outside the marriage, but the fact that the spouse chose to do it secretively and hence ended up breaking the very trust on which the bond of husband and wife is created and stands on. This shatters the entire faith in the person where the cheated person doubts the ability of the souse to provide a safe place to stay, live happily and build a successful life together.

Why does the cheating happens in the first place ?

Well, there can be no one single answer to this question. it could be any of the following :

  1. lack of attention in the married life.

  2. lack of excitement in the married life (usually this is a common reason)

  3. lack of sexual pleasure, fun and satisfaction. Don't worry here are some of the most common reasons for a sexless marriage. 

  4. lack of respect

  5. lack of maturity to understand the challenges of life.

  6. EGO, Selfishness, self centered behavior. here are few tips to identify A Selfish Husband/ Wife.

  7. Extreme possessiveness where one spouse ends up believing that he or she OWNS the other.

  8. Forcing in indulging in unnatural sexual acts without explicit consent.

  9. Wasting the hard earned money of the spouse.

  10. Disrespecting the spouse in social set ups like in public places, in front of his/her friends.

  11. Trying to create a rift in the family of the spouse.

Hope this answers your question.

Thank you !
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