Health Benefits of Star Fruit

Health Benefits of Star Fruit

Carambola, better known as the 'Star Fruit', is an exotic tropical fruit that has traditionally flourished in Southeast Asia. Today, this fruit is available in most parts of the world, as it is not only exported, but also grown in other regions.


Starfruit juice is widely used in traditional and folk medicine in the Sri Lankan subcontinent. In parts of Sri Lanka and Bangladesh, the juice of the fruit is used to treat fever and other infections. According to some Ayurveda practitioners, the fruit can also be used in its ripe form as a digestive aid and tonic.

Being a rich source of vitamin C and bioactive compounds like phenols and flavonoids, and antioxidants, star fruit can help remove toxins from the body and prevent inflammation. Vitamin C present in fruits cleanses the body of harmful toxins and helps prevent skin problems.

Starfruit contain soluble fibers that help reduce cholesterol levels in the body. These soluble fibers help remove fat molecules from the blood. When included in a regular diet, this fruit can prevent the risk of developing cardiovascular diseases.

aids in the healing of skin, scalp and hair cells. The stem of the fruits is known for its rich antioxidant profile that improves hair health.

Star fruit is low in calories and high in fiber, making it exceptionally healthy and ideal for weight loss. The antioxidants it contains help relieve constipation and help you lose weight. This fiber-rich food also helps boost metabolism leading to weight loss.


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