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  • Material - Organic Coconut shell
  • Color - Light Brown (Actual Color)
  • Shape - Irregular Shape
  • Country - Sri Lanka
  • 100% Eco friendly and Natural.


    Coconut shell charcoal also has other uses such as:

    In the Food Industry
    Thanks to its fast burning and food-grade properties, coconut charcoal is widely used in barbecues as a superior alternative to regular charcoal. The food industry favors it on account of the pleasant aroma it gives out in the preparation of traditional food and barbecues.

    As a Teeth Whitener
    Charcoal has long been used as a remedy for teeth and oral health. Just like charcoal soap, coconut shell charcoal serves as a natural teeth whitener and with amazing results.

    As Animal Feed
    Coconut charcoal is also used as feed for cattle, pigs, and poultry. Some studies have shown that animals fed with coconut charcoal give more milk. Likewise, for pigs and poultry, it is a suitable feed to increase weight and improve their health which ultimately leads to better meat production.

    As a Fuel Alternative
    Coconut shell charcoal is widely used as a fuel substitute in domestic and industrial settings.

    • As a fuel substitute against firewood, kerosene, and other fossil fuels.
    • As a source of fuel in melting gold and silver and other metal works.
    • Charcoal briquettes are commonly used in Middle Eastern countries to burn shisha.
    • Middle Eastern countries also burn fragrances at home using charcoal briquettes.
    • In America and Europe, charcoal briquettes are used to heat spas as well as stoves for cooking.

    As a Refining Agent
    Coconut shell charcoal is used both as a deodorizer and decolorizer. The odorless and non-toxic characteristic qualities of coconut shell charcoal make it a widely used deodorizer and decolorizer in the air conditioning industry, cosmetic industry and water purification plants.



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