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Hammer shark Plush pillow Kids Stuffed Toy

Hammer shark Plush pillow Kids Stuffed Toy

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10 Hammerhead Shark Facts 

  • Great hammer Head Shape : The hammerhead shark derives its name from its distinctive, hammer-shaped head, an extraordinary adaptation that enhances its hunting efficiency, particularly when seeking its preferred prey, stingrays.

  • Wide set eyes vision: Positioned at either end of its wide head, the hammerhead shark’s eyes afford it a panoramic field of vision, enabling it to scan Huge areas more swiftly than most other sharks.

  • Electroreception: Hammerhead sharks are equipped with specialized sensors distributed across their heads. These sensors detect the faint electrical signals emitted by other marine creatures, aiding the shark in locating hidden prey on the ocean floor. Read More from our Blog

Fun Facts About hammer shark plush

  1. Funny Head Shape: Hi, I'm a hammerhead shark! My head looks like a giant hammer. It’s super cool and helps me find my favorite food, stingrays!

  2. Long Lives: I can live up to 30 years in the wild. That’s a lot of birthday parties!

  3. Big and Strong: I can grow really big, up to 20 feet long, and weigh as much as 1,000 pounds. Imagine 100cm hugging a giant hammerhead shark plush toy that big!

  4. Friendly Sharks: Don’t worry, I’m not interested in people. There have been very few cases of hammerheads bothering humans.

Product details

  • As a gift for children kids 
  • Plush Stuffed toy Home decoration party gift/pillow
  • Material made by pp cotton
  • Length 100cm 0.7kg

Discover More Interesting facts about hammerhead sharks


Length 100cm


pp cotton

Age group



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