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Stingray Cape Weighted Blanket Manta Rays Soft Plush Toy

Stingray Cape Weighted Blanket Manta Rays Soft Plush Toy

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Weighted Blanket sofa throws Manta Rays Soft Plush Toy

  1. Eyes are very round: In fact compared to the proportion of the body, it has very small eyes. It's too exquisite! Although it is the largest freshwater fish in the world, the eye is about the same size as other freshwater fish. The round eyes were well reproduced with embroidery .
  2. Mouth close to the stomach; Ordinary fish’s mouth close to the kiss, while the devil fish has its mouth close to its belly. The color in the mouth is a pink, how cute! Your mouth is a pocket, please put your hand in and warm it up .
  3. Three-dimensional reproduction of the abdomen and back : There is cotton inside, which feels soft and fluffy when touched .
  4. Skin gives people a smooth feeling : In order to reproduce the smooth skin of the fish, a glossy fabric was selected and completed smoothly .
  5. As interior decoration in the room: Using it as a blanket on sofas and beds, as an interior decoration, can also instantly attract attention in a room, creating a unique sense of presence. As a cushion for pets such as dogs and cats, you can also use it, and enjoy fun and cute cooperative photos .


Height: 120cm



Age group

14y +


1 x blanket

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