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Mango Leaves 100% Organic Dried Leaf 50g

Mango Leaves 100% Organic Dried Leaf 50g


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Dried mango leaves are a natural powerhouse of health benefits. Rich in antioxidants, they strengthen the immune system and combat oxidative stress. They aid in regulating blood sugar levels, making them beneficial for diabetes management. With anti-inflammatory properties, they offer relief for conditions like arthritis. Additionally, they possess potent antimicrobial properties, supporting the body's defense against infections. Enjoy these benefits through a soothing tea or infusion for a wholesome addition to your wellness routine.

How to make Tea?   


  • About 6 or more mango leaves( you can boil any mango leaf) The leaves can also be dried then boil.
  • Roughly 5 cups water
  • Sweetener of your choice.


7 inches long leaf


Mango Leaf

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